BLK RFL DIV - Vae Victis Tee - Black

"VAE VICTIS" is a DEAD GOOSE SOCIETY (deadgoosesociety.com) X BRD collaboration.

The DGS 'King of Death' and the BRD 'Reaper' have teamed up, implements of war in hand. Two sides of the same scale.

"VAE VICTIS" - Origin, Latin / Roman : Raiding Celtic tribes under the leadership of Brennus ravaged Rome and occupied the city for three months. They demanded a ransome to leave the Roman capital. Brennus demanded his weight in gold. When the Romans complained that the scales were innaccurate, Brennus threw his sword onto the scales to be weighed also. He then announce "VAE VICTUS" - (Woe to the Vanquished) The Romans were forced to bring more gold to counterbalance the weight sword.

Available in regular fit 5.5oz soft spun 100% cotton black t-shirt with a white print on the front left chest & center back